Unique flower-making

What's in a flower? Well, at Millfields quite a lot!

All of our flowers are made to order using the fabrics that we stock or customers' own fabrics. These fabrics are put through a series of processes to create flower petals: stiffening, drying, cutting and veining. Many different tools can be required to cut and shape the petals used in each flower design, as many as sixteen for some designs.

Once the basic petals are ready we carefully assemble the flowers by hand using tradtional methods with wire, glue, specially dyed crepe paper, stamens, crystals, etc. Some designs have petals which have further hand-shaping as shown in the rose on the right-hand side of this page. It is very labour-intensive and detailed work requiring patience and skill.

Because we make every flower from scratch we can amend designs, mix colours and materials, etc., to suit individual requirements as well as undertake special orders.

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