About our flowers

All about Millfields flowers

All of our flowers are made to order. They are made in-house. We do not keep stock. Our flowers are not available from other wholesalers, and we do not sell flowers purchased from other manufacturers.

When you contact Millfilelds you will be dealing with someone who is highly skilled, directly involved with making your flowers and who cares passionately about producing wonderful, high-quality work for you/your clients.

We specialise in producing floral sprays which can be used as a complete or partial decoration on a hat. Alternatively, add a comb, headband, brooch pins, etc. for a ready-made accessory.

For customers who want to make their own arrangements or simply require individual flowers we supply a range of different designs.

To quickly view our range please go to the Gallery. For particular styles along with size information please go to our Flower sprays or Flowers pages. Our images illustrate the use of many types of material to give the best overview of our capabilities. Please note that some of the materials shown may not be part of our current range.

All sizes are approximate to the nearest 0.25" (0.5cm). Flower spray sizing gives the overall dimension including leaves, and individual flower sizing is based on the diameter of the flower itself.

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